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Bienvenue ! Whether you’re a retailer, an individual or want to become one of our stockists, here is
a non-extensive list of our range of products.
If you wish to have more details about our products please contact us here.

  • Gift Vouchers

    Gift Vouchers

    Product Info

    Please your friends,
    colleagues and family
    with the best voucher
    in the world! ;-)

    $10 - 10000000

  • Sweet Batter Mix

    Sweet Batter Mix

    Product Info

    DIY with this 1 kg sweet
    batter mix, simply add
    eggs and water and get
    our special taste at home!


  • Buckwheat Flour

    Buckwheat Flour

    Product Info

    Gluten free
    buckwheat, grown
    and milled in NZ

    $ 10 / kilo

  • Training


    Product Info

    We provide training
    and courses for
    professionals and

    $ - on request

  • Consulting


    Product Info

    Want to set up
    your own
    business ? Ask
    us for advice!

    $ - on request

  • Crêpe Makers

    Crêpe Makers

    Product Info

    We import high
    quality crêpe makers
    domestic and

    $300 - 4000

  • Accessories


    Product Info

    All you need to
    create, masterise
    and enjoy your
    own crêpes :-)

    $5 -100